Forum on Occupy Wall Street- Dec. 22- Huntington

Occupying Wall Street:

Where are we & where do we go from here?

A dialogue and strategy discussion with representatives from:

MoveOn, Suffolk Peace Network, Jobs With Justice, Occupy, & the Progressive Coalition

with brief video comments from Chris Hedges & Naomi Klein. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011



In the Auditorium of the Huntington Public Library

338 Main Street, Huntington, NY

(1/2 block east of Woodbury Road)

Free Admission

These forums are sponsored by the Research and Education Project of Long Island

This will be the 99th in LIPC’s monthly

“Patriot Games” series of videos and discussions.

For further info, and to RSVP, call (516) 541-1006 x10


Black Friday at the Smith Haven Mall

Share your experiences!

Here’s what media coverage has been found so far:

Long Island Press Article

Independent Political Report Article

Newsday Article

News 12 Articles:

top stories News 12 (has video)

daily news News 12


I shall wear red — November 17th — National Day of Action

In reply to the Occupy Wall Street Call to Action:

We all wear a red armband or ribbon or yarn around the arm (the Arab Spring used green).  This way we can identify each other quickly.

  • heading to Foley Square from Long Island:
    • please gather at a coordinated site if you are offering a carpool seat or if you are willing to pay for someone else’s train ticket
      main train stations posted on the FB are: Sayville, Babylon, Ronkonkoma, Farmingdale, Stony Brook, Oyster Bay, Roslyn, Hicksville
      Please post your time and the # of seats as a comment on this post &/or on the FB page

    • a group is heading to NYC with arrival, via the Babylon branch, at 8:30a train
    • Bus leaving from 91 N Franklin in Hempstead at 2 PM.
      Bus is free and the rally starts at 430 Pm.
      Please contact Brian Young (byoungATnycommunitiesDOTorg) if you would like a spot saved.
    • meet at the Huntington train station
      Huntington station for the three o’clock to Penn (gets in at 4:12).
      Hope you can join us there or meet the larger group at Penn by 4 and at Foley Squ. at 5

how to talk to a ‘non-believer’

First, before any converstion begins know your own deeper needs and to identify and clearly articulate what those needs are to yourself before you try to communicate them with others.  As one proceeds in a conversation with a person whose opinions differs from one’s own it is important to remember one’s personal responsibility for one’s actions and it is one’s own choice we how one responds to others.

Second, remeber you are talking with a person whose opinions deserve respect.  Try to contribute to relationships/conversations based in cooperation and collaboration.  When the focus is on clarifying what is being observed, felt, needed, and wanted, rather than on diagnosing, judging, or conversion we  foster respect, attentiveness and empathy.

Second, keep ‘principles over personalities’ in mind; focus on “I” statements.  Everyone will have their own supportable information/facts, keep the focus on the principle of the conversation not the details.  Remember, people are talking not news feeds.

Third, try using Non-Violent Communication skills:

  • Differentiating observation from evaluation, being able to carefully observe what is happening free of evaluation, and to specify behaviors and conditions that are affecting us
  • Differentiating feeling from thinking, being able to identify and express internal feeling states in a way that does not imply judgment, criticism, or blame/punishment
  • Connecting with the universal human needs/values (e.g. sustenance, trust, understanding) in us that are being met or not met in relation to what is happening and how we are feeling
  • Requesting what we would like in a way that clearly and specifically states what we do want (rather than what we don’t want), and that is truly a request and not a demand (i.e. attempting to motivate, however subtly, out of fear, guilt, shame, obligation, etc. rather than out of willingness and compassionate giving)

Many Roads, One Goal

The Declaration of the Occupation // words of the Declaration in song (video)

The United States Declaration of Independence (transcript)

Posters, Placards, Signs


in a red circle with a red line through it: Corporations over Citizens

Corporations are not people
People are People

the 1% think about the 1%
the 99% think about the 100%

We all Matter

•    Create Jobs through Public Works
•    Citizens over Corporations
•    Diplomacy focused Foreign relations
•    Elections without corporate caveats
•    Eliminate Corporate Personhood
•    Term Limits for Congress
•    Transparent Government

this revolution is personal

Those who make
will make
violent revolution
– John F. Kennedy

We hold these TRUTHS to be self-evident. . .
to SECURE these RIGHTS. . .
it is the RIGHT of the PEOPLE to ALTER. . . it,
& to INSTITUTE new Government. . .to EFFECT. . .
— US Declaration of Independence

layoffs after bailout
& before CEO salary & benefit cuts
is wrong

strategic planning
for the entire populous

The seed of revolution is repression
-Woodrow Wilson

Tyranny and oppression
came to this land
in the guise of the
PATRIOT Act and tax loopholes.

Be as awake as you can be
& stay that way.
Stay awake & aware!
-Hebrew traditional

First the 1% came for the communists
I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.
Then the 1% came for the unionists
I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a unionist.
Then the 1% came for the homeowners
I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a homeowner.
Now the 1% comes for the 99%
and everyone here is speaking out.

a play on the old security warning system of red, orange, yellow, blue green:
(red) TODAY
(orange) Yesterday
(yellow) long, long ago
(blue) good ‘ole days
(green) communal living

those who stand against progress
often end up on the wrong side of history

Hello Long Island!

Welcome to Occupy Long Island!

The income of the richest 1% in the U.S. soared 275 % from 1979 to 2007
the middle class grew by just 40%
the bottom 20% grew by just 18%.

Not really a surprise as CEO-level salaries and bonuses rise and taxes on the same 1% of the US continue to decrease.

During that same time the cost rose for:

  • Health Care     150%
  • Housing            56%
  • Education        43%

information from the Congressional Budget Office via ABCNews

Not really a surprise as CEO-level salaries and bonuses rise and taxes on the same 1% of the US continue to decrease.

According to the 6 O’clock ABCNews broadcast on October 26th 94% of Americans do not feel they can get ahead.

The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press with their question of:
From what you’ve read and heard, do you strongly support, somewhat support, somewhat oppose, or strongly oppose…the Occupy Wall Street Movement? Only 39% support the movement.

THIS IS REALLY a SURPRISE since CEO-level salaries and bonuses rise and taxes on the same 1% of the US continue to decrease.

Let us inspire the difference of 55% to support this progress movement!

Here we hope to gather all of the Occupy solidarity groups throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties.

All Long Islanders are welcome!

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